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Lube Oil IBC Filling Plant

Alpeco designed and supplied a pump & meter IBC dispensing system for Certas’ Lube Oil IBC Filling Plant

CERTAS ENERGY, headquartered in Warrington, Cheshire, is the largest independent fuel and lubricant distributor in the UK, supplying domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers nationwide. Having acquired two huge warehouse premises in Livingston (Scotland) and Kettering to accommodate their new bulk lubricant storage and delivery division, they appointed Trident Engineering Consultants to oversee the development and commissioning of both sites.

Edinburgh-based James Blake and Sons were appointed as the main contractor for the Livingston facility where they were to supply and install five 30,000 litre tanks along with all the necessary fill points, access platforms and gantry structures. Three of the tanks were to be single compartment units and two were required as flexible dual compartments in a 50/50 arrangement and all had to be equipped with heating elements and a loading platform where 1000 litre IBC’s could be positioned for filling.

When it came to the discharge equipment Blakes selected Alpeco Ltd as their preferred supplier, having previously worked with us on a number of successful projects where pump and metering equipment was required.

Following detailed discussions between Blakes, Trident and Alpeco the challenge was clear – the seven tank loading platforms had to be equipped with dispensing systems which were easy to use, clean and quiet in operation with minimal spillage, and above all be capable of filling a 1000 litre IBC quickly and accurately.

Working closely together, Alpeco and Blakes have achieved just that. Careful pipe work design and system engineering resulted in the selection of a slow-running, high-capacity vane pump, 2” low pressure drop loading arm and a 2” Liquid Controls flow meter with electronic registration to produce a system capable of filling a 1000 litre IBC with engine oil in under 5 minutes.

Alpeco designed and supplied each system in the form of sub-assemblies which were then assembled and installed by Blakes once the tanks had been installed on site.

In detail each system comprised of:

    • RVP25 2.5” vane pump with close coupled reduction gearbox and 3 phase electric motor,
    • 2” Liquid Controls M7 temperature compensated flow meters equipped with inlet strainers and TE550 electronic register programmed with multi product names and densities for extremely accurate measurement. A ticket printer provides a time and date stamped ticket which also includes batch number, grade and quantity of oil loaded in to each IBC.
    • A 2” spring balanced loading arm mounted on top of a pipe work riser incorporated swivel joints to allow articulation of the arm to facilitate loading of two IBC’s when positioned side by side on the loading platform. The outlet of the loading arm was also fitted with a stainless steel, spring loaded check valve which closed automatically at the end of a batch and prevented the contents of the loading arm from draining out all over the load area.

With the tanks and all equipment installed by Blakes, it fell to Alpeco to provide essential on-site commissioning and operator training for the equipment.

Kettering facility was virtually the same with tanks being supplied by Koronka Engineering Both sites are now fully operational.

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