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IBC Fuel & Oil Dispensing System

Alpeco offer a custom built self-contained demountable IBC fuel dispensing system for all types of liquid fuel, lubricants and chemicals.

EDLODS – Alpeco’s Engine-Driven Lube Oil Dispensing System

EDLODS is Alpeco’s self-contained IBC fuel dispensing system. Designed to be carried in a van or pick-up truck with an IBC or small storage tank, the unit is ideal for conducting small fuel deliveries to plant equipment such as generators, or for sites with difficult access where it may not be practical or cost efficient to send a tanker.

Alpeco can manufacture and configure the IBC dispensing system to suit your requirements, offering a range of pump and flow meter options to suit most petrochemical applications, including mechanical or electronic registration.

EDLODS can be supplied as a stand alone, totally self powered unit or PTO driven from the truck engine and gearbox.

All Alpeco IBC fuel dispensing systems are custom built to suit the needs of the customer.

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Product Range

Dispensing System Features

    Minimise Cross Contamination

    • The IBC fuel & oil dispensing system system incorporates a line clearing “blowdown” facility to ensure that delivery hoses are cleared of product at the end of a delivery thereby minimising cross contamination between products.


    • Safety and controllability are enhanced when is equipped with remote control. Operators can start and stop the system as well as activating the “blowdown” from the end of the delivery hose. Delivery flow rates can be regulated to suit the delivery conditions and the product being dispensed

    Self Powered

    • Being self-powered by an auxiliary engine, it can be used as a land-based filling plant for loading IBCs, or loaded on to the back of a delivery vehicle and used to dispense product from IBCs to customer’s storage tanks.

    Variable Flow Rates

    • Donkey engine or truck driven hydraulics offer variable flow rates over varying viscosity products. Each skid consists of a galvanised steel framework, manufactured to the same dimensions as a standard IBC and fitted with flow meter, pump hose reel and control system.

    Fully Demountable

    • Fully demountable the skid units can be used in the depot as a portable filling plant for loading barrels and IBC’s and then loaded on to a flat bed truck and used as a dispensing system for metered delivery of product to your customer.


    • Compact design, fits in the same space as two IBC’s.
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