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Low Volume Fuel Dispensing System

MF100 is a self contained, low volume, demountable fuel dispensing system

The MF100 fuel dispensing system has been designed to meet the needs of fuel distributors whose customers require low volume ‘metered’ deliveries of fuel into sites which may have difficult access and where it may not be cost effective or practical to send conventional fuel dispensers such as;

  • plant equipment
  • building sites
  • generators
  • boats
  • green houses

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Product Range

MF100 Fuel Dispensing System Features


    • The MF100 fuel dispensing system can be engineered to meet with customers’ specific requirements and can be configured for dispensing a range of liquid fuels, chemicals and ADBLUE.


    • The compact fuel dispenser comprises an electric pump, flow meter and hose reel which, when required, can quickly be mounted in the back of a van, pick-up or drop side truck together with an IBC or small demountable tank and deployed for delivery.

    Battery Powered

    • A 12V battery, which can be trickle charged from the vehicle charging system, provides power for the 90 LPM electric pump unit which is automatically started and stopped by the meter preset and stop/start facility.


    • Product quantity is accurately measured by a NMO approved Liquid Controls M5 1.5” flow meter which is fitted with an inlet strainer, air eliminator and 2 stage outlet valve and can be supplied with the option of a TE550 Truck III electronic register or Veeder-Root mechanical register – both options have the facility to produce delivery tickets.

    Stowable Delivery Hose

    • The low volume fuel dispensing unit uses a 14m x 25mm delivery hose to dispense the product. This terminates with a 1” dispensing nozzle and is stowed neatly on a small hose reel which features a ratchet pull out and lock and spring rewind mechanism.

MF100 Low Volume Fuel Dispensing SystemMF100 Low Volume Fuel Dispensing SystemPortable low volume fuel dispensing system

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