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Fuel control equipment in Angola

Alpeco were commissioned by Marine and Port Services (MAPS) a UK Dredging company based just outside Luanda in Angola.

MAPS had contracts with the Angolan government to dredge the port areas and keep shipping channels clear. They were also manufacturing beaches and cutting canals in the area.

MAPS had a number of dredging ships, a fleet of 4×4 vehicles, earth moving plant, trucks, speed boats and generators all of which required petrol and diesel, for which the company had its own storage facility but absolutely no measurement or control over fuel usage.

Our task was to provide:

  • 3 x 3” Liquid Controls intake pump and meter sets – which were to be used for off-loading 3rd party delivery tankers and verifying the volume of fuel delivered in to their storage facility.
  • 3 x Gespasa Fuel dispenser (Petrol pumps) for dispensing petrol and diesel in to pick-ups and company vehicles etc
  • 1 x single arm bottom loading skid for loading a new tanker that they also purchased from Lakelands, the skid could also load sea craft
  • Alpeco also supplied equipment for two road tankers which were built by Lakeland Tankers, one was for carrying water and was fitted with a pump and flow meter, the other was a fuel tanker and equipped with Alpeco bottom loading and mechanical meter system.


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