Alpeco supplies customers all over the world with bespoke liquid handling systems.

Alpeco’s experienced engineering solution project team can design, build and deliver complete innovative tailored liquid dispensing systems customised to your specific requirements.

The team work closely with the customer and the end user on any bespoke project to make sure the solution is simple, reliable and cost efficient, by ensuring we focus on;

    • increasing efficiency
    • reducing wastage
    • eliminating errors

As part of our costing we provide an Alpeco engineer to help with the commissioning of any engineered solution.

All systems and turnkey products utilise our well-proven, reliable products from companies such as Blackmer Liquid Controls and Veeder-Root.  Systems can include positive displacement flow meters and fuel pumps, as well as fuel management systems, controls and reporting systems.

We have delivered custom designed solutions to a wide range of industries including marine, railway, fuel handling and industrial processing.  Some examples of recent projects can be seen below.

To discuss your project requirements, contact Adrian Baskott on 01296 619510 or email

Bespoke Pump and Flow Meter Trolley

Bespoke Pump and Flow Meter Trollies

Using a customised pump and flow meter trolley gives you the flexibility to move pumping equipment around your factory so one pump can be used on multiple tanks.  At Alpeco we can design and develop customised solutions for your factory or depot needs.

IBC Fuel & Oil Dispensing System

Customised IBC Fuel & Oil Dispensing Systems

Alpeco offer a custom built self-contained demountable IBC fuel dispensing system for all types of liquid fuel, lubricants and chemicals – these can be supplied as a stand alone, totally self powered unit or PTO driven from the truck engine and gearbox.

Low Volume Fuel Dispensing System

Low Volume Fuel Dispensing System

The MF100 fuel dispensing system has been designed to meet the needs of fuel distributors whose customers require low volume ‘metered’ deliveries of fuel into sites which may have difficult access and where it may not be cost effective or practical to send conventional fuel dispensers such as plant equipment, building sites, generators, boats and green houses.

Fuel Dispenser Cabinet

Fuel Dispenser Cabinets

Alpeco’s engineering team can design bespoke Fuel Dispenser Cabinets to suit your exact requirements.

Examples of our custom liquid handling solutions

CNC Ship Refuelling Unit

Ship Refuelling Equipment for CNC Petroleum

Alpeco have recently completed a project for CNC Petroleum in Singapore to provide two high speed fuel dispensing units to handle ship refuelling, each providing two line metered delivery systems with flow rates up to 1000lpm with electronic registers linked to EA Projects fuel management system and a truck loading skid.

Certas Livingston

Lube Oil IBC Filling Plant

Alpeco designed and supplied a pump & meter IBC dispensing system for Certas’ new bulk lubricant storage and delivery division.


Dual Fuel Pump

Alpeco developed a bespoke dual fuel pump unit for DRS Daventry so the pump duty could be shared, and the unit could still operate if one of the pumps was having routine maintenance.

Custom portable, self-contained engine driven pump for the bulk transfer of ADBLUE

Custom portable, self-contained engine driven pump for MAXI Haulage

Alpeco designed and manufactured a portable, self-contained engine driven pump for the bulk transfer of ADBLUE from 1,000 litre capacity truck mounted plastic containers called IBC’S, to customers’ bulk storage tanks.

Fuel Control Equipment in Angola

Fuel control equipment in Angola

Alpeco were commissioned by Marine and Port Services (MAPS) in Angola to provide equipment to control and measure fuel usage from their dredging ships, a fleet of 4×4 vehicles, earth moving plant, trucks, speed boats and generators.

Super Yacht Fuel Meter

Improving Fuel Accuracy on a Super Yacht

Improving fuel accuracy to reduce disputes with fuel suppliers on a world famous super yacht with a fuel capacity exceeding 250,000 litres.

Custom Design Liquid Dispensing Solutions