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Marine Fuel Flow Control, Metering & Loading

Alpeco Ltd supply a wide range of high quality products for accurate and safe metering and transfer of fuel in marine applications.

We recognise the importance of accurate and reliable metering and bunkering systems for marine applications such;

  • – bulk cargo shipping
  • – the fishing industry
  • – pleasure power-yachting
  • – commercial oil drilling and pumping platforms.

Accurate measurement of fuel flow can save hundreds of thousands in operating expense and with over 30 years’ experience in handling fuel Alpeco has access to some of the best engineering products for marine fuel loading on the market such as Liquid Controls positive displacement flow meters, Sampi’s range of fuel control systems and pumps and OCV control valves to ensure the smooth running of your marine fuelling solutions.

At Alpeco our design team can develop and design a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs and budget – over the years we have supplied many marine fuel dispensing systems and bespoke fuel dispensing cabinets across the world.

For example, many jetties and marinas will have vessels of varying size coming into dock so we have developed a bulk and topup system for loading depending on the size of the ship. If a small rig with outboard requires fuel you can use the 100lpm system and when a larger ship docks requiring thousands of litres of fuel the bulk system can be used using the size pump and flow meter.

Please get in touch to discuss your marine fuel control requirements.

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Product Range
Some of our marine fuel handling solutions…
Ship Refuelling Equipment for CNC Petroleum

We were asked to design, build and deliver two high speed dispensing (bunkering) units to be installed on a jetty at Penjuru in Singapore. The dispensers were required for refuelling a range of vessels from small leisure craft to large boats with diesel at flow rates of 100 LPM or 500 LPM depending on the type of boat and volume required.

Improving fuel accuracy on a super yacht

Alpeco’s design engineers fitted a Liquid Controls M25-POD-1 intake meter on the bunker line to offer a higher degree of accuracy required and cope with the faster delivery volumes which are now standard in the industry. This both improved fuel accuracy whilst reducing disputes with fuel suppliers.

Floating Ferry Refuelling Station

Alpeco were approached to provide pumps and mechanical meters for new floating refuelling stations for the Wight-Link car ferry at Portsmouth Harbour.