Loading Arms

Alpeco supplies a large range of bottom loading arms in various sizes and materials including aluminium and stainless steel.

We supply fuel loading arms, chemical loading arms, truck loading arms, truck unloading arms, road tanker loading arms and rail loading arms.

Loading arms can be supplied for both top loading and bottom loading. The arms can be incorporated in a variety of loading skids or custom loading systems.

Our 445 series 4” bottom loading arm is robust in design and can equally be specified for small depot loading skids or large main stream oil terminal gantries where bottom loading rates of up to 2500 LPM are required

Designed with the operator in mind the 445 bottom loading arm’s spring balance mechanism is fully adjustable for height and balance thus making connection of the loading coupler to the tanker an effortless process. Powder coated for protection against the weather and petroleum environment the 445 will give many years of service with minimal maintenance requirements.

445 series 4” Bottom Loading Arm Features

    • Powder coated, carbon Steel construction with PTFE seals.
    • 3-part swivel joints at fulcrum and base for full vertical and horizontal operation and easy on site servicing
    • Complete bottom loading arm comprises: 445 arm balance mechanism, top spool and or top apex swivel, aluminium drop tube, 4” drop hose and semi- auto API coupler.

445 series 4” Bottom Loading Arm Applications

    • Petroleum terminals
    • Oil distribution depots
    • Road and rail tanker loading facilities
    • Top to bottom loading conversions.
    • Bottom loading skids
Bottom Loading Arm