Fuel & Tanker Loading Systems

We understand that fuel distributors need safe, fast and reliable methods of loading their tankers.


That’s why Alpeco’s range of bottom loading skids and depot tanker loading systems have been selected by leading fuel distribution companies around the world.

Cost-Effective Customised Solutions

With over 32 standard build options to choose from, our cost-effective bottom loading skids can be configured with 1 to 4 loading arms, pumps and mechanical or electronic flow meters offering loading rates between 900 and 2200 LPM.

Highest Quality Materials & Components

Designed and manufactured in accordance with recognised industry standards, our fuel tanker loading skids are constructed using only the highest quality materials and components such as loading arms, Meggit API Couplers, EPS 3 phase centrifugal pumps, Liquip Overfill prevention rack monitor, vapour recovery system and Liquid Controls fuel flow meters with a choice of mechanical or electronic registers.

Assembled and Tested in the UK

With each bottom loading skid being fully assembled and tested in our Aylesbury workshop, onsite installation is reduced significantly, requiring simply securing the unit to a concrete base, pipe work connection between the skid and storage tanks and 3 phase electrical connections.  We can have a loading skid installed and operational within 3 to 4 days, reducing both time and on-site engineering costs.

Contact Adrian Baskott on 01296 619510 or email sales@alpeco.co.uk to request a quote.

Mechanical Bottom Loading Skid

Mechanical Bottom Loading Skids

Alpeco’s mechanical bottom loading skids are fitted with Liquid Controls flow meters and Veeder-Root mechanical registers to provide a very robust and highly accurate option for metering applications for depots;

Electronic Bottom Loading Skid

Electronic Bottom Loading Skids

Alpeco’s range of electronic bottom loading skids offer greater control and security of loading operations than mechanical skids as well as providing automated stock management and accountability.

Bottom Loading Arms

Loading Arms

Alpeco supplies a large range of bottom loading arms in various sizes and materials including aluminium and stainless steel.

Tanker Loading Case Studies