Tank Truck Metering Systems

Alpeco Ltd offers a versatile range of multifunctional tank truck metering solutions which combine world renowned Liquid Controls flow meters and ultrasonic air sensors with industry proven cargo pumps for optimum performance.


During 2015 Alpeco completely re-engineered their range of tanker metering systems.  Now designated MF400, MF800 and MF1100, inline with their respective maximum flow rates, each system still retains the industry renowned Liquid Controls flow meter.

Our aims throughout the development program have been to meet the ever-increasing demands from industry for more functionality and improved control and management of stock, audit trails and delivery information.

In addition we have developed a range of systems which are easy to use, reliable in operation and at the same time easy to install, whilst remaining commercially viable in terms of equipment, installation and service costs.

System variants offer mechanical or electronic registration, hose reel and bulk metering with wet or dry hose delivery options, all of which are certified to the latest European standards by the National Measurement Office.

For further information or free demonstration contact Adrian Baskott on 01296 619510 or via sales@alpeco.co.uk.


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