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Liquid Controls LPG Flow Meter

Alpeco supplies the Liquid Controls MA Positive Displacement LPG flow meter for accurate and reliable metering, which is essential to efficient and profitable operation in the LPG industry.

Available as single case or double case meters in sizes up to 150mm (6in), the meters are available with electronic or mechanical registers and are designed specifically for use on truck, terminal, pipeline or refinery applications.

Features Of LC MA Series LPG Meters

      • No Metal to metal contact in measuring element ensures sustained accuracy over service life
      • Carbon bearings for reduced wear to give extended service life
      • Low pressure drop increases maximum flow rate
      • Available with electronic or mechanical registration
      • Mechanical or electronic temperature volume compensation
      • Calibration of mechanical meter is with Micrometer Adjuster for precise control
      • Single case aluminium or double case steel construction
      • Full range of accessories available(strainer, vapour eliminator, differential valve etc)

Liquid Controls LPG MA Flow Meter Specifications